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The Porthole is a simple, beautiful infusion vessel designed by Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail design studio. It can be used to create striking cocktails, oils, teas, dressings, lemonade, coffee, or any other type of cold infusion.

Since its debut in 2011, the Porthole has gained significant attention. Originally created as a custom piece for the bar chefs at The Aviary in Chicago, IL, it has been featured in dozens of magazines and blogs, including the cover of Food Arts magazine.

Early versions of the Porthole were hand-crafted in a small batch at Crucial Detail but, due to enthusiastic response to the piece, was adapted for higher volume manufacturing and launched as a Kickstarter campaign in August of 2012.

The campaign sought to raise $28,500 in pledges, which it met in the first couple of hours, and ended up raising a total of $736,112 in 28 days. Click the Kickstarter logo below to see the campaign page.

The Porthole on Kickstarter


  • We highly recommend that users familiarize themselves with the Porthole and its components by testing the Porthole with water before first use.
  • Gasket is removable and may become dislodged when the Porthole is disassembled. This is not a reason for concern.
  • When reinserting gasket, ensure the square edge of gasket is seated in the groove, rounded edge facing out.
  • Tighten first screw with hex key for snug fit.
  • Firmly squeeze the glass panes while tightening the second screw for proper seal.
  • Squeeze the Porthole around the entire perimeter (like a steering wheel) to ensure that the gasket is properly seated before final tightening.
  • Do not overtighten center screw. The screws hold the glass panes in place but gasket compression should come from squeezing the glass panes, not from torquing the screw.
  • There are three screens that come with the Porthole. For best flow, always use the coarsest one suitable for your application. For clean pour, pre-sift small particle ingredients such as tea before arranging in the Porthole.
  • Do not insert stopper when infusing ingredients that expand in liquid, are carbonated, or that may ferment. Increased pressure inside the Porthole may lead to leaks.
  • Observe sanitary practices to avoid food borne illness. Many ingredient combinations, espacially oil infusions, can present a breeding ground for bacteria.

    Tempered Low Iron Glass, FDA Grade Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, FDA Grade Silicone
    exterior dimensions: 7" x 7" x 2" (17cm x 17cm x 5cm)
    interior dimensions: 6" diameter x 1" (150cm dia x 2.5cm)
    volume: 13 fl oz (390ml)

    design by Martin Kastner

    What is Included:
  • One Porthole.
  • Three photo-etched stainless steel filter screens of varying densities.
  • One flexible silicone cap to seal the contents for longer term infusions.
  • One hex key.
  • A set of thumbscrews that can be used as an alternative to the countersunk screws for faster assembly.
  • Four Porthole cocktail recipes from The Aviary.

    Crucial Detail is a multidisciplinary design practice and production studio, led by Martin Kastner. Crucial Detail's projects range from product development to graphic design, corporate identity, video, and photography.

    More Crucial Detail designs are available for purchase on the Crucial Detail web shop. Crucial Detail also accepts a limited number of commissions from people with interesting problems to solve.

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